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Piao Zhihua is a private company specializing in the production of high-grade self-adhesive labels, integrating research and development, production, sales and after-sales services. As China Wholesale Self Adhesive Kraft Paper Manufacturers and Kraft Paper Factory.With a full range of production lines, including gluing, laminating and cutting, and an annual production capacity of more than 280 million square meters, we are among the top 10 companies in China for self-adhesive products.

With excellent technology, high-quality products and diverse offerings, we have earned a high degree of influence and brand awareness in both domestic and international markets, while building nationwide coverage of product sales outlets with a positive and progressive mindset.

In China, there are direct sales networks in Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Harbin, Wuhan, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Changsha, Beijing and dozens of franchise chains. To further establish the status of the "PUODEHUA" brand in the international arena, we have built a marketing network in dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, the Middle East and so on, covering Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa, and other regions, and have become a long-term stable supplier.

Suzhou Piaozhihua Composite Material Technology Co., Ltd.

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Industry Introduction

How to enhance Kraft Paper's high breaking strength and high tensile strength?
Enhancing the breaking strength and tensile strength of kraft paper involves several considerations, including the selection of raw materials, manufacturing processes, and potential treatments or additives. Here are some strategies to improve these properties:

1. Select HighQuality Raw Materials:Start with highquality pulp. The type and quality of wood fibers used in the pulp greatly impact paper strength. Long and strong fibers contribute to better tensile and breaking strength.

2. Optimize Pulp Processing:Mechanical pulping methods, like the Kraft process itself, can produce strong fibers. Chemical treatments during pulping can further enhance fiber strength.

3. Fiber Refinement:Mechanical and chemical refining processes can be used to break down fiber bundles and fibrillate the fibers, improving their bonding ability and increasing paper strength.

4. Uniform Fiber Distribution:Ensure a uniform distribution of fibers in the paper sheet to prevent weak spots. This is achieved through proper mixing and formation techniques during papermaking.

5. Control Paper Formation:
  Properly control the formation of the paper sheet during the papermaking process. Uniformly distribute fibers and avoid irregularities that can weaken the sheet.

6. Additives and Fillers:Incorporate additives like fillers, such as calcium carbonate or clay, in controlled amounts. These can enhance paper strength and reduce porosity.

7. Chemical Treatments:Use wetend additives like sizing agents, wet strength resins, and dry strength agents to improve the paper's resistance to moisture and physical stress.

8. Pressing and Drying:
  Optimize the pressing and drying processes during paper production. Proper drying techniques can increase the density of the paper, improving strength.

9. Calendering:Calendering involves passing the paper through rollers to increase smoothness, density, and strength. It can improve tensile strength but may reduce thickness.

10. Heat Treatment:Heat can be applied to the paper after production to strengthen the fibers further. This is often done in a process called "paper conditioning."

11. Surface Sizing:Surface sizing with starch or other agents can enhance the paper's surface strength and reduce absorbency.

12. Fiber Blends:Consider blending kraft pulp with other types of pulp, such as hardwood or softwood pulp, to create a paper with a balance of strength properties.

13. Layering or Bonding Techniques:
 In some applications, multiple layers of kraft paper can be bonded together to increase overall strength.

What are the typical designs of Kraft Paper that make it easy to carry and use?
Kraft paper is designed to be userfriendly and easy to carry, making it a versatile material for various packaging and wrapping applications. Here are some typical designs and features that enhance the ease of carrying and using kraft paper:

1. Sheet or Roll Format:Kraft paper is commonly available in either sheet or roll formats. Sheets are convenient for wrapping and packaging individual items, while rolls are versatile for covering larger surfaces or wrapping items of various sizes.

2. Tearable Perforations:Some kraft paper products have tearable perforations at regular intervals along the roll or sheet, making it easy to tear off precise lengths without the need for scissors or cutting tools.

3. Handles and Reinforcements:In packaging applications, kraft paper bags often feature reinforced handles. These handles can be made from paper or cord, enhancing the ease of carrying.

4. Gussets and Foldable Designs:Kraft paper bags or sacks may have gusseted sides or expandable designs, allowing them to accommodate a range of contents and provide extra space when needed.

5. PreCut Shapes:Some kraft paper products are precut into specific shapes, such as squares or circles, making them ideal for particular uses like crafting or food presentation.

6. Weight Labels or Guides:Kraft paper rolls or sheets intended for specific weight capacities may have labels or guides printed on them to help users estimate the weight of the contents being wrapped or packaged.

7. Surface Finish and Printability:Kraft paper can be designed with various surface finishes, such as smooth, matte, or ribbed textures. Some kraft paper is also printable, allowing for branding, labeling, or adding instructions directly onto the paper.

8. EasytoFold Creases:Kraft paper sheets or rolls may have prefolded creases or guidelines that assist users in creating neat and uniform folds when wrapping or packaging items.

9. MultiLayered Thickness:Depending on the application, kraft paper may be available in various thicknesses and layers to provide added strength and protection for heavier or delicate items.

10. Dispenser Boxes:Some kraft paper rolls are packaged in dispenser boxes with builtin cutters, making it easy to pull out and cut the desired length of paper without the need for additional tools.

11. Reclosable or SelfSealing Features:In some applications, kraft paper bags or pouches may incorporate reclosable features like adhesive strips or selfsealing mechanisms to secure the contents and provide ease of use.

12. Environmentally Friendly Design:As sustainability is a key consideration, ecofriendly kraft paper designs emphasize recyclability, compostability, and the use of natural, unbleached fibers.

These design elements and features enhance the userfriendliness of kraft paper, making it adaptable to a wide range of applications, from packaging and wrapping to crafting and labeling.