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Piao Zhihua is a private company specializing in the production of high-grade self-adhesive labels, integrating research and development, production, sales and after-sales services. As China Wholesale Other Special Release Paper Manufacturers and Other Special Release Paper Factory.With a full range of production lines, including gluing, laminating and cutting, and an annual production capacity of more than 280 million square meters, we are among the top 10 companies in China for self-adhesive products.

With excellent technology, high-quality products and diverse offerings, we have earned a high degree of influence and brand awareness in both domestic and international markets, while building nationwide coverage of product sales outlets with a positive and progressive mindset.

In China, there are direct sales networks in Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Harbin, Wuhan, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Changsha, Beijing and dozens of franchise chains. To further establish the status of the "PUODEHUA" brand in the international arena, we have built a marketing network in dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, the Middle East and so on, covering Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa, and other regions, and have become a long-term stable supplier.

Suzhou Piaozhihua Composite Material Technology Co., Ltd.

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Industry Introduction

What are the categories of Special Release Paper?

The categorization of these papers can be based on the type of coating used, their intended applications, or specific properties they possess. Here are some common categories of other special release paper:

Silicone-Coated Release Paper:Silicone-coated release papers are among the most common types. They feature a silicone coating on one or both sides, which imparts excellent release properties. These papers are widely used in adhesive manufacturing, label production, and various industrial applications.
Polyethylene-Coated Release Paper:Polyethylene-coated release papers are designed for applications requiring moisture resistance and barrier properties. The polyethylene coating provides a protective layer, making them suitable for packaging materials and adhesive products.
Fluoropolymer-Coated Release Paper:Fluoropolymer-coated release papers are known for their exceptional nonstick properties and resistance to high temperatures. They are used in applications where conventional release papers might not withstand extreme conditions, such as in the production of composites or advanced materials.
Heat-Activated Release Paper:Heat-activated release papers are designed to release when exposed to elevated temperatures. They are often used in heat transfer applications, where graphics or designs are transferred onto fabrics, ceramics, or other surfaces using heat and pressure.
Thermal Release Paper:Thermal release papers are engineered to release a substance or component upon heating. These papers are used in diverse applications, including electronics, medical devices, and manufacturing processes that require precise release control.
UV-Cured Release Paper:UV-cured release papers are formulated to withstand the curing process of ultraviolet (UV) adhesives and coatings. They ensure clean and controlled release when UV-cured materials are applied.
Medical-Grade Release Paper:Medical-grade release papers meet stringent quality and safety standards for use in medical and healthcare applications. They are used in the production of medical devices, wound dressings, and diagnostic products.
Food-Grade Release Paper:Food-grade release papers are designed for applications where direct or indirect contact with food is involved. They comply with food safety regulations and are suitable for use in food packaging, baking, and confectionery.
Transparent or Clear Release Paper:Transparent or clear release papers allow for visibility of underlying content. They are used in applications where maintaining product visibility or aesthetics is important, such as window decals and transparent labels.
Eco-Friendly Release Paper:Eco-friendly release papers are made from sustainable materials and may be recyclable or compostable. They are chosen by environmentally conscious manufacturers and businesses.

Is Special Release Paper a domain-specific type?

Different industries and domains may use special release papers for various purposes. For example:

Adhesive Industry: Release papers are commonly used in the adhesive industry to protect adhesive surfaces and ensure they can be easily separated when needed.

Packaging: Special release papers with moisture or grease resistance may be used in the packaging industry to protect products and maintain their quality.

Labeling: Release papers are used in label production to ensure that labels can be easily peeled off and applied to surfaces.

Manufacturing: Industries such as composites and electronics may use specialized release papers that can withstand high temperatures or harsh manufacturing processes.

Medical: Medical-grade release papers are used in the production of medical devices and products like wound dressings.

Food: Food-grade release papers are used in food packaging and food processing applications.

Printing: Some special release papers are designed for use in printing processes, including heat transfer printing.

Textiles: Release papers may be used in the textile industry for heat transfer applications, such as applying graphics or designs to fabric.

Environmental Considerations: Eco-friendly release papers made from sustainable materials are chosen by environmentally conscious businesses across various domains.

Customization: Release papers can also be customized for specific branding or product requirements in different industries.