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Piao Zhihua is a private company specializing in the production of high-grade self-adhesive labels, integrating research and development, production, sales and after-sales services. As China Wholesale Fluorescent Paper Manufacturers and Fluorescent Paper Factory.With a full range of production lines, including gluing, laminating and cutting, and an annual production capacity of more than 280 million square meters, we are among the top 10 companies in China for self-adhesive products.

With excellent technology, high-quality products and diverse offerings, we have earned a high degree of influence and brand awareness in both domestic and international markets, while building nationwide coverage of product sales outlets with a positive and progressive mindset.

In China, there are direct sales networks in Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Harbin, Wuhan, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Changsha, Beijing and dozens of franchise chains. To further establish the status of the "PUODEHUA" brand in the international arena, we have built a marketing network in dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, the Middle East and so on, covering Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa, and other regions, and have become a long-term stable supplier.

Suzhou Piaozhihua Composite Material Technology Co., Ltd.

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Industry Introduction

How does Fluorescent Paper absorb ultraviolet and invisible light?

Fluorescent paper absorbs ultraviolet (UV) and invisible light through the use of fluorescent pigments or dyes that are incorporated into the paper's composition. The process of absorbing UV and invisible light is a key aspect of how fluorescent materials work. Here's a more detailed explanation of how fluorescent paper absorbs this type of light:

Fluorescent Pigments or Dyes: Fluorescent paper is manufactured with specially formulated pigments or dyes. These pigments are designed to have the property of fluorescence, which means they can absorb energy in the form of UV or invisible light and then emit visible light.

Energy Absorption: When UV or invisible light from a light source (such as sunlight or blacklight) shines onto the fluorescent paper, the fluorescent pigments within the paper absorb this incoming energy. The energy is absorbed by the electrons in the pigment molecules.

Electron Excitation: The absorbed energy causes the electrons within the pigment molecules to become excited. Specifically, the electrons move to higher energy levels or orbitals. This higher-energy state is unstable, and the electrons cannot remain in this state for long.

Return to Lower Energy State: The excited electrons eventually return to their original, lower-energy state. To do this, they release the excess energy they gained from the absorbed UV or invisible light.

Emission of Visible Light: As the excited electrons return to their lower energy levels, they emit the excess energy in the form of visible light. This emitted light has a longer wavelength than the absorbed UV or invisible light, and its color is characteristic of the specific fluorescent pigment used. The emitted light is what gives fluorescent paper its bright and vibrant colors.

High Intensity and Brightness: The fluorescence process is highly efficient, leading to the emission of intense and bright visible light. This makes fluorescent paper highly visible and eye-catching, especially in environments where UV or invisible light sources are present.

Why are the colors of Fluorescent Paper more vivid than ordinary paper?

The colors of fluorescent paper appear more vivid and vibrant than those of ordinary paper due to the unique optical properties of fluorescent pigments or dyes used in its composition. Here's why fluorescent paper produces more vivid colors:

Fluorescence Phenomenon: Fluorescent paper is designed to exhibit the phenomenon of fluorescence. Fluorescence is a process where a material absorbs energy at one wavelength (usually in the ultraviolet or invisible spectrum) and then re-emits that energy as light at a longer wavelength, typically in the visible spectrum. This re-emitted light is responsible for the paper's vibrant colors.

Efficient Energy Conversion: Fluorescent pigments or dyes have the ability to efficiently convert absorbed energy into visible light. When exposed to ultraviolet or invisible light sources (such as blacklight or natural sunlight), these pigments absorb the incoming energy and then release it as visible light in a specific color.

High Intensity Emission: The fluorescence process results in the emission of intense and concentrated visible light. This means that a significant amount of energy is transformed into visible wavelengths, creating a bright and striking appearance.

Narrow Emission Spectra: Fluorescent pigments have relatively narrow emission spectra, which means they emit light in a specific range of wavelengths. This spectral purity enhances the color saturation and purity of the emitted light, making it appear more vivid and distinct.

Enhanced Visibility: Because fluorescent paper re-emits visible light, it doesn't rely solely on ambient lighting conditions to be visible. It can be highly visible even in low-light or dimly lit environments. This property makes it stand out and appear more vibrant compared to ordinary paper, which relies on reflected ambient light.

Bright Color Selection: Fluorescent paper is available in a range of bright and eye-catching colors, such as neon pink, green, yellow, and orange. These colors are specially formulated to maximize the fluorescence effect and produce intense hues.

Attention-Grabbing Characteristics: The vivid and attention-grabbing colors of fluorescent paper make it an excellent choice for various applications, including signage, advertising materials, posters, and crafting projects, where high visibility and visual impact are desired.

Reflective Properties: Fluorescent paper reflects and emits light in a way that makes the colors appear more vibrant and dynamic, which is particularly appealing for marketing and artistic purposes.